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Mandurah Landlord Warns Meth Contamination can Cost Thousands

A Dudley Park landlord has to pay thousands of dollars after his residence was used by renters to make and smoke meth. He was astounded to learn that the insurance company would not pay a single penny to remove meth contamination from his residence in Dudley Park, which had been used by the tenants. The owner finally discovered the existence of Meth contamination in his property when new renters developed fever-like symptoms and skin itching disorders. The Mail has covered a wide range of articles in recent months centred on the current rental crisis affecting the Peel region and Western Australia.

You can read the full story on Mandurah Mail. Meanwhile, you check out our dedicated page for Meth Cleaning & Removal Services In the Peel Region, Western Australia. If you need meth decontamination or meth cleaning services in any area or suburb of the Peel region in Western Australia you can contact us at any time as we are a local meth decontamination service provider and we cover all of Western Australia.