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Meth Cleaning Services in Western Australia

If you’re thinking of buying a house anywhere in Western Australia but aren’t sure if it was once used as a meth lab, recruiting a team of experts to run different meth tests to tell you what you’re dealing with is a good option.

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In Western Australia, we have full Meth residual decontamination and cleaning facilities for all types of houses and home dwellings.

We highly advise against using most DIY solutions for meth lab cleanup because it is a complicated and serious operation. As a result, if you’re trying to find out how to clean a meth lab, the most common response is to recruit a team of professionals and delegate the task to them.

We provide professional meth decontamination services in Western Australia including Perth and other cities. Our meth cleaning process is tested and effective which includes the following procedure.

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Time Required to Clean Meth

In most cases, two days are needed. We are without a doubt the quickest methamphetamine decontamination business in Australia.

Items Required to Removed

Depending on the extent of meth exposure, carpets and blinds, as well as other objects, may or may not need to be removed.

Chemical Washdown

Every surface is cleaned by Hepa vacuum, a four-step chemical washdown is performed, and hazardous waste is removed.

Validation Testing

Meth residue testing is required after a meth house has been disinfected to insure the property has been restored to acceptable standards. This is done by a third-party testing firm.

Removal of Meth Contamination

Department of Health WA guidance on proper remediation of contamination from methylamphetamine or other illicit drugs can be found at this link.

Current reporting

Most meth contamination situations involve a complaint regarding use, where home owners/ property managers / agents suspect meth use, rather than a formal WA Police Force notification of a detected clandestine laboratory.

Our current (and future) remediation guidance allows for simpler and less expensive remediation procedures for a smoke house, while still being protective of the public. Soon, a research report will be added to the main landing page, regarding the levels of residues associated with low-level exposure. This is the emphasis for consolidation of guidance documents.

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