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Cost of Meth Decontamination in Australia.

Following a Positive Meth Test We Will Put Together a Remediation Plan and Cost of Meth Decontamination.

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How much does it cost to decontaminate a house?

Explore the Expenses Involved in Meth House Decontamination:

Decontaminating a meth house can cost different amounts depending on a few things. These include how big the house is and how much meth contamination is there. Figuring out how contaminated the place is helps to know exactly how much it will cost. As of October 2023, cleaning up a meth contaminated property in Australia usually costs between $4,500 and $35,000. This includes the comprehensive process of removing and disposing of any contaminated waste or rubbish and giving a detailed report at the end. This price can change depending on how bad the contamination is and how complicated the cleaning process gets. The pricing can also be influenced by the property’s location and the local council’s rules concerning drug labs.

Engaging professional assistance for meth lab clean-up is essential as it requires specialized tools and expertise to ensure thorough decontamination. Amateur attempts can render the property uninhabitable and result in increased expenditure down the line. Opting for NAMC approved and reputable decontamination companies provides assurances and guarantees of a safe and habitable environment.

You can book a free consultation now to find out exactly how much will it cost for your property to clear all the meth contamination. You can call us at 1300 707 028 to discuss further related to meth decontamination costing and our meth cleaning methods.

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What Will Meth Decontamination Cost Me?

Decon Solutions Australia can take your contaminated property and return it completely contamination-free and back to its original state pre-contamination.

If you have discovered that you are living in or own a property that is contaminated with meth, you have two main options to help you move forward. Most meth-contaminated properties will need some form of meth decontamination. Decon Solutions Australia does not endorse trying to decontaminate the property yourself. You will waste your time and money and professionals will still have to re-decontaminate. The quickest and least costly option is to contact Decon Solutions Australia ASAP to bring your property back to a habitable state. We will keep the cost as low as possible.

Decon Solutions Australia takes the following into account when pricing a job:

  • Property Size
  • Presence of Hazardous
  • Material
  • Amount Needed to be
  • Discarded
  • Level of Contamination
  • Pre-Forensic Testing
  • Post Forensic Testing
  • Refurbishment Costs

Property Size
Presence of Hazardous
Amount Needed to be
Level of Contamination
Pre-Forensic Testing
Post Forensic Testing
Refurbishment Costs

With each situation differing we need to inspect the property to determine the cost of meth decontamination accurately.

What is the cost of cleaning Meth in Australia?

Decon Solutions Australia values our customers and proceeds to provide the lowest cost of meth decontamination possible (100% clearance guarantee) for each decontamination. Utilizing the latest technology (chemical washdown) to eradicate meth contamination.

Each decontamination is quoted per job, as each decontamination is unique. Contact us today for a quote.

Need help with selling a meth contaminated property?

When you get in touch with Decon Solutions Australia, you will, within the space of two days, be given a cash offer that is guaranteed. Get in touch with our staff right now to learn how simple it is to sell your property.

If You Are Ready to Discuss the Decontamination of your Property Contact Us

We are always here to help. Decon Solutions Australia is the go-to meth decontaminators by insurers around Australia. No job is too big or too small Call us today to find out the cost of meth decontamination.

Meth decontamination is our business

Our meth decontaminators are highly qualified ensuring our client’s properties are correctly decontaminated to the highest standard.
We are a professional company specializing in meth decontamination throughout Australia.

We use independent and highly trained meth testing companies. This ensures no conflict of interest can occur between testers and meth decontaminator.

We consult regularly with industry experts to keep up to date with the latest chemicals and techniques to understand the best approach to test & decontaminate properties/cars.
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