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The Meth Contamination Problem

The Majority of Properties with Meth Contamination are Caused by Meth Users Not Meth Labs.

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What Are the Issues Meth Contamination Causes?

Methamphetamine is now the drug of choice for Australians, and it’s not just meth labs that are the problem. Smoking Ice in a dwelling is the biggest contributor to meth contamination.
Methamphetamine (aka Ice, Meth, P) contamination is an escalating problem for Australian Families. Whether you’re buying a property or renting, the property you are currently living in may contain meth contamination.

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant, and part of family of drugs commonly known as Amphetamine Type Substance (ATS) which act as central nervous system stimulants. This action speeds up messages to and from the brain contributing to meth’s street name ‘Speed’.

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World Health Organisation suggests the manufacturing process of meth creates serious environmental and health issues across the Australia. Studies suggest that 67% of meth labs found are in residential properties.

Jackie Wright of Flinders University, found that people living in a property that were previously meth labs can have behavioural changes in children as well as skin problems and trouble sleeping.

The Chemicals Used in the Methamphetamine Manufacturing Process are Dangerous to the Human Body when Over Exposed.

Meth Contamination

Statistics suggest as the number of meth users grows so does the number of properties Australia wide that contain meth contamination. 54% of houses tested are over the 0.5ug/100cm2 and require decontamination.

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There Are 2 Main Forms of Methamphetamine

Crystal Rock (Ice)

Large crystalline rocks of methamphetamine are generally known as Ice due to its appearance. Ice is a highly addictive form of the drug and has become the most popular form of meth. Ice is injected or snorted, but is generally smoked through a glass utensil.

Methamphetamine Powder (Speed)

This is a powder that is snorted, injected, and in more pure grades can also be smoked. The powder form is currently less desirable.


If You Suspect That Your Property Contains Meth Contamination Call Us

Decon Solutions Australia are the preferred meth decontaminators by insurers around Australia and can point in the right direction for reliable meth residue testing services. From there we can assess the information and put together a meth remediation plan. No methamphetamine contamination job is too big or small.

Methamphetamine decontamination is our expertise.

Our meth contamination experts are highly qualified ensuring our client’s properties are correctly decontaminated to the highest standard.

We are professionals specializing in meth decontamination throughout Australia.
We utilize independent and highly trained meth screening companies. This ensure no conflict of interest can occur between testers and meth decontaminators.
We consult regularly with industry experts to keep up to date with the latest chemicals and techniques to understand the best approach to test & decontaminate properties/cars.
We have our own decontamination process not shared with any other decontamination companies.
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From 2010 to 2016 among people who use methamphetamines regularly there has been a 36% increase in the use of Ice over Speed.

Source: 2016 National Drug Strategy Household Survey

The Meth Epidemic

Australian are among the highest users of methamphetamines in the World!!!

Methamphetamine is now Australia’s drug of choice!!!

Between August 2016 - August 2017, a massive 8 tonnes was consumed

According to the 2016 National Drug Strategy Household Survey:

Of those who had used methamphetamine in the past 12 months: 20.4% used weekly of daily, 10.6% used once a month, 24.7% used every few months, 44% used 1-2 times.


Indications of Meth Labs

Modified Air Vents

Additional Ventilation

Patched Holes in Walls or Ceilings

Chemical Smells

Staining on Walls, Floors and Ceiling

A Large Amount of Household Chemicals

Rusted Out Fixtures or Fittings

Burn Pits in the Back Yard

Common Chemicals You Could be Exposed to Due to Meth Contamination Include




Sodium Hydroxide

Hydriodic Acid

Hydrogen Chloride



Red Phosphorous


Hydrobromic Acid

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