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Lead Paint Removal Services In Australia

We’re Australia’s most trusted lead paint removal specialists as we offer nationwide lead paint removal coverage

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Lead-based paint was used on the inside and outside of homes and buildings before 1970. Today’s paint can only contain trace amounts of lead if any at all. However, lead-based paint is still present in many homes, including those built after 1970, and exposure to this paint is a serious health issue.

It is critical to understand whether sections of your home may have been painted with lead-based paint. When remodelling, refurbishing or repainting, lead-safe methods must be followed or your health and the health of your family may be harmed. As a result of lead exposure, the brain might be permanently damaged and intellectual growth can be hampered. The risk of lead exposure for children, as well as the health consequences of lead exposure, might vary depending on their surroundings, developmental stage, or behaviours. When it comes to lead exposure, children under the age of five are most at risk.

Lead-based paint may be found in many ancient buildings, posing serious health risks. The process of thoroughly and securely removing all lead-containing paints from a business or residential structure is known as lead paint removal. Leaking lead paint can be inhaled as it deteriorates, combined with dust and other household waste. This can result in lead poisoning. To remove the lead paint, we’ll use a variety of procedures that are all focused on minimising danger. Lead in paint poses a considerable number of major health concerns if disturbed or discharged, and as such is governed by its own set of rules. Workplaces, where lead compounds are used, are the most prevalent source of lead exposure in Australia. After coming into touch with lead, workers may transport lead residues home on their work clothing, skin, hair, and equipment.

We’ve been removing lead paint from homes and businesses in Sydney, Brisbanethe Gold Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, Cairns, and beyond for over 10 years. Highly trained and completely qualified professionals are paired with the most advanced lead paint removal equipment to ensure a job well done each and every time.

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Fully Trained Professionals

Many people in Australia believe that lead paint can be removed as a do-it-yourself job, but the truth is quite the opposite, and the Department of Health has repeatedly cautioned about the hazards of removing lead paint. At Decon Solutions Australia we have fully trained and professional technicians that can help you remove lead paint from your property. We offer 100% secured lead paint abatement services across Australia.

Certified Lead Paint Removal Australia

All our professional cleaners and decontamination staff is certified for removing lead-based paint from any type of property in Australia. Our decontamination process is simple and easy for all our residential and commercial clients. You can book our lead abatement service today as our pricing is straightforward and competitive to what other lead removal companies are currently charging.

Lead Paint Consultation Services

With the assistance of qualified hygienists and a panel of scientists on board, we deliver industry-leading lead paint removal and decontamination consultancy services to all of our clients in Australia. We provide consultation and advisory services to help you figure out where to start. Based on our professionals’ suggestions, we next work with you to determine the next steps in your lead paint abatement project. Call us at any time to discuss your lead removal services needs.

Get Rid of the Lead Paint in your home.

Lead paint was used in many Australian residences constructed before 1970, and it may still be used in some newer ones.

Lead is still utilised in automobile and boat paint and surface treatments. Inhalation of lead dust and chips from flaking and peeling paint or remodelling operations can result in adults or children inhaling or ingesting the lead dust and chips. If the old paint coats are disturbed by hand or power equipment, even little quantities of lead can pose a severe health danger to both the occupants and any contractors.

Decon Solutions Australia, Lead Paint Cleaning Services can work in all aspects of lead-based paint removal using current equipment and procedures. When it comes to removing hazardous lead paint, we employ a variety of methods including vacuum (dust-free) blasting and soda blasting. We have the ability to use the correct equipment for the job since we are continually updating our machinery.

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Do you need lead paint removal services?

We have the capability to accomplish projects of all sizes and complexities, and we take pleasure in our ability to satisfy our clients’ diverse demands. We can expertly meet all of your demands, including lead abatement, removal, and decontamination.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lead Based Paint

How much does it cost to remove lead-based paint from a property in Australia?

Lead-based paint removal costing is dependant on many things like the size and age of the property and the levels of paint contamination.

But most of the normal-sized properties in Australia can be abated from lead paint in $4500 – $15000 AUD. You can always get a free precise quotation to remove lead-based paint from your property by contacting us.

What is the biggest risk of Lead-based paint?

During the World Health Organization’s worldwide lead poisoning prevention week, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Professor Charles Guest, stated that exposure to lead in old paint is one of the most serious dangers in Victoria. Numerous bodily systems, including the central nervous system and brain, the reproductive organs and kidneys, as well as blood and immunological systems are toxic to lead.

Can I remove lead-based paint on my own?

Lead-based paint can be removed, but we don’t suggest it unless you have expertise working with dangerous chemicals.

To ensure the safety of our employees and clients, Decon Solutions Australia has invested in all the essential safety equipment as well as the necessary professional experience.

What are the symptoms of lead exposure?

Lead exposure may have a variety of effects on individuals, and the symptoms might vary depending on the type of lead exposure received. It’s possible that some toddlers or adults don’t show any symptoms whatsoever.

It is generally caused by recent exposure to high levels of lead in the environment. Seizures and even a coma are possible symptoms. An individual exposed to lead for a long time, even at tiny levels, may develop symptoms such as irritation, fatigue and loss of appetite. They may also develop learning impairments and behavioural issues as well as a lack of coordination and slow development.

How do you remove lead paint from properties in Australia?

A secure containment area will be set up for our workers, the same as they would for asbestos removal. In order to show the efficacy of the controls adopted, the lead paint will be carefully removed using recognised procedures that all focus on limiting risk at the source.

We make sure children, pregnant women, and pets are not in the area until the work has been completed and all lead paint residue has been removed. All workers will be completely decontaminated and the area will be thoroughly inspected upon conclusion of the task.

Emergency Lead Paint Abatement, Cleanup & Removal Services In Australia

In Australia, Decon Solutions Australia offers emergency lead-based paint removal services.

We can send the nearest removal professional to your region to remove lead paint from your house. We provide emergency services in all Australian states. Our lead abatement services may be scheduled online or by phone, which is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hazardous chemicals are removed from commercial buildings, industrial facilities, hospitals, industrial buildings, schools, universities, and other organisations. We use cutting-edge industrial equipment to operate in accordance with OSHA rules and requirements, as well as those of the state in which we work.

  • Lead Paint Removal in New South Wales.
  • Lead paint removal in Victoria.
  • Lead paint removal in Queensland.
  • Lead paint Removal in Western Australia.
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Lead Paint Removal in New South Wales.
Lead paint removal in Victoria.
Lead paint removal in Queensland.
Lead paint Removal in Western Australia.
Lead paint Removal in South Australia.
Lead paint Removal in Tasmania.

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