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Lead Paint Removal Services In Perth, Western Australia

We are Australia’s most dependable lead paint removal and eradication experts. You can receive a free quotation for lead paint removal in Western Australia. Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you with the lowest prices for removing hazardous lead paint from your home. As the best lead paint removal company in Perth, we serve all surrounding districts and suburbs in Western Australia.
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Lead, in addition to being a toxic element, has detrimental effects on human health and the environment. When it comes to children, the health consequences are usually irreversible and might have a profound effect. Australia established laws in the early 1980s to limit the quantity of lead in paints and coatings used in houses, universities, and other locations where kids spend time. Over the last decade, however, more than 100 examinations into lead paint have revealed that lead paints are still widely accessible. Despite substantial progress in recent years, the majority of states still lack strong, binding lead paint legislation.

Lead is transported into the surrounding dust and soil when lead paint on walls, windows, doors, furniture, playground equipment, or other painted surfaces begins to chip or deteriorate. Kids who play indoors or outdoors accumulate house dust or soil on their hands, which they then eat via normal hand-to-mouth action. Soil is frequently brought inside by airflow and/or on shoes and clothing. In rare cases, children may pick up paint chips and put them in their mouths. This is especially hazardous because the lead content in paint chips is typically much greater than in dust and soils.

For over ten years, we’ve been removing lead paint from homes and business premises in Perth and its neighbouring areas. To ensure a job well done every time, highly trained and completely qualified professionals work in tandem with the most advanced lead paint removal equipment

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Fully Skilled Lead Paint Removers in Perth, WA

Many people in Perth believe that removing lead paint is a do-it-yourself activity; however, the Department of Health has repeatedly cautioned about the hazards of removing lead paint. At Decon Solutions Australia, we have fully certified and experienced professionals that can help you remove lead paint from your home. We provide 100% secure lead paint abatement services across Perth and Western Australia.

Certified Lead Paint Removal in Perth, Western Australia

All of our Perth and surrounding area experienced cleaners and decontamination experts are certified to remove lead-based paint from any type of property. Our decontamination method is easy and quick for all of our residential and commercial clients. You may get our lead removal service right now since our price is straightforward and competitive with what other lead removal companies are currently charging in Western Australia.

Lead Paint Consultation Services in Perth, WA

We serve Perth consumers with industry-leading lead paint removal and decontamination consultancy services by utilising professional hygienists and a team of scientists. We provide consultancy and advice services to help you decide where to start. Based on our professional suggestions, we next work with you to determine the next steps in your lead paint abatement procedure. Contact us at any time from anywhere in Perth to learn more about our lead removal services.

We remove Lead Paint from your property in Perth.

Many residents in Perth and its suburbs utilised lead paint in houses and properties built before 1970, and it may still be used in some newer ones. Lead is still utilised in automotive and boat paint and surface treatments. Adults and children can inhale or swallow lead dust and chips inhaling or ingesting lead dust and chips inhaling or ingesting lead dust and chips inhaling or ingesting lead dust and chips inhaling or ingesting lead dust and chips inhaling or ingesting lead dust and chips inhaling or ingesting lead If the old paint coats are disturbed by hand or power equipment, even little quantities of lead can pose a severe health danger to both the residents and any contractors.

Decon Solutions Australia, Lead Paint Cleaning Services, can handle all aspects of lead-based paint removal anywhere within Perth and its surrounding areas utilising cutting-edge technology and procedures. We remove hazardous lead paint using a variety of methods, including vacuum (dust-free) blasting and soda blasting. We are able to use the right equipment for the work since we are continually updating our machinery.

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Are you looking for a Perth lead paint removal service?

We have the capacity to complete projects of various sizes and complexities, and we take pride in our ability to meet the different needs of our clients. We can fulfil all of your needs expertly, including lead abatement, removal, and decontamination.

Emergency Lead Paint Abatement, Cleanup & Removal Services In Perth

When it comes to lead-based paint removal in Australia, Decon Solutions Australia offers emergency services. For lead paint removal, we can despatch the nearest specialist to your location. We provide emergency services in every state in Australia. Online or via phone, our lead abatement services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us today! We remove hazardous chemicals from commercial buildings as well as industrial facilities and hospitals. We also remove hazardous chemicals from schools, colleges and other institutions and institutions.

We operate in compliance with OSHA laws and standards, as well as those of the state in which we work, by utilising cutting-edge industrial equipment. Here is the list of the top 10 suburbs of Perth in Western Australia where our lead paint removal services are being used.

  • Lead Paint Removal in Salisbury, QLD.
  • Lead paint removal in Archerfield, QLD.
  • Lead paint removal in Yeronga, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Corinda, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Petrie Terrace, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Windsor, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in East Brisbane, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Nundah, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Breakfast Creek, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Wellington Point, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Rocklea, QLD.

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