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Virus Decontamination

Experienced Professionals Capable of Sanitizing Your Workplace or Home From Infectious Viruses.
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Virus Decontamination Experts Australia

If you suspect that your business or property has been contaminated with an infectious virus please make sure to call us immediately. Virus decontamination can not wait, if left unchecked it will spread to the rest of your team and to the general public.

Qualified Experts

Decon Solutions Australia’s decontaminators are highly qualified and trained.

Detailed Reporting

Decon Solutions Australia will decontaminate your work space and remain in a zero contact state with your employees. A liaison officer accompanies each operational team.

Australia Wide

Decon Solutions Australia have virus decontaminators ready to help nationwide. 

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Australia Wide Decontamination Services - Decon Solutions Australia Services
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So What is the Process and How Does it Work?

Virus Decontamination

Sanitize your workplace regularly to reduce the risk of spreading viruses to the rest of your employees. For this you will need to consider a specialist virus decontamination company to clean the contaminated areas of your business. Customer areas, lunchrooms, kitchens, toilets, lifts, shared workspaces etc., all need regular professional sensitization to reduce your risk profile. Decon Solutions Australia are specialist decontaminators capable of undertaking this task safely and professionally.

Three Easy Steps


Call Us Immediately

The spread of viruses must be contained so if you suspect that your property has been contaminated be sure to call us quickly.

Plan & Quote

We will assess the requirements of your work area and put together a tailor-made plan for our decontaminators to carry out, and we will provide a quote for the work.


Leave your property in our decontaminators hands and we will return the property sanitized and free of viruses.

Finding out your property or vehicle is contaminated with an infectious virus is a major shock for anyone to deal with.

But we are here to help. Decon Solutions Australia are the Professional Decontaminators used by banks and insurers around Australia. No contamination job is to big or small.

Virus decontamination is part of our business.

Our decontaminators are highly qualified ensuring our clients properties are correctly decontaminated to the highest standard.
We are a professional company specializing in decontamination throughout Australia.
We follow the CDC guidelines for virus decontamination
We consult regularly with industry experts to keep up to date with the latest Virus Decontamination requirements.
We have the equipment, the experience, and the training to reduce the risk and lower the stress levels within your workforce, giving management and employees the security that your workspace has been professionally sanitized.
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