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Forensic Cleaning Australia

We provide Forensic Cleaning & Biohazard Cleaning throughout Australia. Decon Solutions Australia is the most trusted response team for biohazard removal and crime scene cleanup. Whether you need assistance with a homicide scene, a hoarder situation, or an auto accident, all of our technicians undergo sensitivity training and are briefed on each case to provide for all of your needs. We’ve served Australian businesses, institutions, and private households in need of our trauma scene cleaning expertise and built a reputation on high standards, OSHA compliance, customer care, and professional discretion.

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Biohazard Cleanup Specialists Australia

When the unexpected happens and you find yourself in a biohazardous situation, you require a discrete forensic cleaning service, Decon Solutions Australia is the answer.

If you or your family have suffered or been exposed to a recent traumatic or criminal event, suicide, or accidental death, you might be looking for discrete forensic cleaning services or biohazard cleaning services. It is a myth that emergency services will perform the forensic cleaning after they complete the investigation, even after a violent crime or suicide.

Unfortunately, the responsibility for biohazard cleaning remains with the owner of the property or a traumatized family member, who is most likely still dealing with shock or grief.

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Our Forensic Cleaning Service includes:

  • Meth Labs
  • Needle sweep and sharps removal
  • Blood
  • Biohazards
  • Bodily fluids
  • Death scenes
  • Crime Scenes

Our cleaning, decontamination & remediation services are available to industrial, commercial & domestic customers across Australia

Trauma Cleaning

Trauma Cleaning

Our trauma cleaning & accident cleanup services in Australia are completed discreetly & with respect as all of our technicians are trained to deal with sensitive matters.
Biohazard Cleaning

Biohazard Cleaning

Our Biohazard cleaning services include Specialist Decontamination, Trauma, Hoarder Cleanup & Bird Dropping Removal offers a rapid & effective cleanup of your biohazard.
Crime Scene Cleaning

Crime Scene Cleaning

Our crime scene cleaners, also referred to as forensic cleaners or bioremediation specialists, can sanitize and decontaminate your crime scene and be on the site in any emergency situation.

Road Traffic Accident Clean-up

Road Traffic Accident Clean-up

Our rapid response road traffic accident clean-up service restores the incident area and removes any potentially harmful objects or spillages fast.
Undiscovered Death Cleaning

Undiscovered Death Cleaning

If you ever find yourself in a position in which you need to address the aftermath of an unattended death you can call us as we offer undiscovered death cleaning services to customers across Australia
Suicide Cleaning

Suicide Cleaning

We provide Suicide Cleaning services across all states and territories of Australia, in all regional and rural areas, to deliver a first-class bioremediation service

Forensic Cleaning

Biological hazards are organic substances that pose a threat to the health of humans and other living organisms. Biological hazards include pathogenic micro-organisms, viruses, toxins (from biological sources), spores, fungi and bio-active substances. Biological hazards can also be considered to include biological vectors or transmitters of disease. Worldwide, it is estimated that around 320 000 workers die each year from communicable diseases caused by work-related exposures to biological hazards (Driscoll et al. 2005; OSHA 2007).

Decon Solutions Australia is here to assist so that you do not have face the scene of the grief or trauma. That way you do not need to feel compelled to return to the scene of the event to clean up. If you need forensic cleaning services in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth you can call us at any time.

So What is the Process and How Does it Work?

Decon Solutions Australia is experienced in Forensic Cleaning and Biohazard clean-ups. We deal with a range of biological and highly hazardous forensic scenes every week. We have the skills to restore or remediate all biohazard and infectious scenes to make them safe and odor-free.

Forensic Cleaning is best dealt with by trained forensic cleaning service professionals and qualified biohazard cleaning experts. Crime and death scenes present a range of hazards that most people are unaware of including the risk of infection, the transmission of disease, and hazardous object injury. Call Decon Solutions Australia and leave it up to us. We understand how difficult it can be to face a forensic clean up especially if the deceased is someone close.

If you want a complete biohazard cleaning service contact us today at 1300 707 028 and we will restore the property back to its former state.

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We are always here to help. Decon Solutions Australia are the go to forensic cleaning contractors by insurers around Australia. No job is too big or too small.

Biohazard cleaning is our business.

Our forensic clean up experts are highly qualified ensuring our client’s properties are correctly decontaminated to the highest standard.

We are a professional company specializing in biohazard decontamination throughout Australia.

We have performed hundreds of jobs across Australia and have gained a reputation for complete removal of biohazardous waste, and repair of properties afterwards.

We consult regularly with industry experts to keep up to date with the latest chemicals and techniques to understand the best approach to forensic clean & decontaminate properties.

We have our own fine tuned forensic cleaning process not shared with any other decontamination companies.

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