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Meth Decontaminators

Following a positive result from a meth residue test or a meth screen report you will need to consider a specialist meth decontamination company to remove and rebuild the contaminated areas of your home. Decon Solutions Australia are specialist meth decontaminators capable of restoring your property safely and professionally.

Why Choose Us as your Meth Decontaminators?

It is our passion to eradicate meth contamination & provide healthy homes for Australians to safely live in.
  • Qualified Experts

    Decon Solutions Australia’s meth decontaminators are highly qualified and trained.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Decon Solutions Australia provide detailed reports supplying all the information required to understand the meth decontamination process.

  • Australia Wide

    Decon Solutions Australia have meth decontaminators ready to help nationwide.

So What is the Process and How Does it Work?


Meth Test Results

Supply us with a meth residue test report and the raw data produced by the laboratory, or contact us if you have not arranged for a test on your property you suspect of contamination.


Plan & Quote

We will assess the information and put together a tailor-made plan for our meth decontaminators to carry out, and we will provide a quote for the work.


Meth Decontamination

Leave your property in our meth decontaminators hands and we guarantee to return the property meth contamination free and looking great.

I have used several decontamination companies though my time as a property manager. Decon solutions is cheapest and most consistent I have ever dealt with. If you have meth contamination use these guys.

Andrea Williams

I contacted Decon Solutions Australia to help me with one of my rental properties. They reassured me that the property would be rentable within 1 week. They did not disappoint, providing additional services to bring property to were I could rent it out again.

Jane & John O'Conner

3 of my investment property’s have been affected by meth users. Decon Solutions Australia have cleared each one with an excellent service. The best decontamination company in Australia.

Lyn Mear

I was shocked to find out my property was meth contaminated. I googled Decon Solutions Australia and they were very helpful and carrying. They quickly brought me up to speed on the how the decontamination can be cleaned. There service was out standing. Highly recommend.

Kristy Burton

My rental property was used as a meth lab raided by police, leaving me without tenant and the bond did not cover anywhere the damage caused. Decon Solutions provided the lowest quote and performed efficiently to bring my property back to a rentable standard.

Jackson Catic

Decon Solutions Australia was an extremely supportive and knowledgeable company. This process was surprisingly easy once Decon Solutions Australia got involved. They quickly cleaned our property allowing us to re-rent the property within 1 week.

Alex Grove

Finding out your property or vehicle is contaminated with meth is a major shock for anyone to deal with.

But we are here to help. Decon Solutions Australia are the preferred meth decontaminators by insurers around Australia. No contamination is to big or small.

Meth contamination is our business.

  • Our  meth decontaminators are highly qualified ensuring our clients properties are correctly decontaminated to the highest standard.
  • We are a professional company specializing in methamphetamine decontamination throughout Australia.
  • We utilize independent and highly trained meth testing companies. This ensure no conflict of interest can occur between testers and decontamination.
  • We consult regularly with industry experts to keep up to date with the latest chemicals and techniques to understand the best approach to test & decontaminate properties/cars.
  • We have our own decontamination process not shared with any other decontamination companies, allowing for the latest techniques to remove the methamphetamine contamination.

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