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Decon Solutions Australia Will Complete a Meth Decontamination Plan Catered to Your Particular Property.

Meth Decontamination

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The most important step in the meth decontamination process is to contact a licensed professional. The chemicals required to bring the property under the safe level (0.5ug/100cm2) are dangerous if not handle correctly by a qualified meth decontaminator.

Contact Decon Solutions Australia today and we will be happy to put together an action plan to make your property safe again.

The Meth Decontamination Process

The meth decontamination process required to bring your property back to a habitable standard can depend on the extent of the contamination. The property may have been a use site, a lab site or both.

Meth labs require more remediation than meth use properties where the drug has been a use site only, as the chemicals used in the manufacturing process may remain at the property and the levels of meth and precursors are higher.

In most cases any soft furnishings like curtains and carpets need to be replaced. However, in line with the Code of Practice published by Dr Jackie Wright, most electrical fixtures, air conditioning units, fans, and ovens, can be maintained. It is only in cases with extremely high levels, that extra steps may need to be taken. Please, before you panic please call us to discuss your specific situation.

Just because the house has been a meth lab, or has very high levels of meth contamination, does not necessarily mean that the house needs to be damaged or parts of it destroyed. To open people get this advice and it is just unnecessary. Decon Solutions Australia has its own state proven process that is designed to remove the meth contamination while maintaining your property to the highest standard. Allowing your property to have the most cost-effective safe turn around.

Call us to see how our client-centric approach to meth decontamination can help you get through this difficult situation.

Once your property has been tested by an independent professional testing company, and the levels suggest decontamination is required, Decon Solutions Australia will complete a remediation plan catered to your particular property.

This Will Include the Following:

  • Time Required

    Generally, two days. We are 100% guaranteed the fastest decontamination company in Australia by far.

  • Items Required to Removed

    Carpets and blinds, other items may or may not require removal depending on meth contamination levels.

  • 4 Step Chemical Washdown Process

    Includes Hepa vacuum of all surfaces, 4 step chemical washdown and removal of contaminated waste.

  • Validation Testing

    Validation testing is required to ensure the property has returned to safe levels. This is performed by an independent testing company.

After the remediation plan is completed, a quote containing all of the above items will be issued.

Once You Have Accepted the Remediation Plan and Quote We Can Start The Meth Decontamination Process.

Decon Solutions Australia are the preferred meth decontaminators by insurers around Australia. No methamphetamine contamination job is too big or small.

Methamphetamine contamination is our expertise.

  • Our meth decontaminators are highly qualified ensuring our client's properties are correctly decontaminated to the highest standard.
  • We are a professional company specializing in meth decontamination throughout Australia.
  • We utilize independent and highly trained meth screening companies. This ensure no conflict of interest can occur between testers and meth decontaminators.
  • We consult regularly with industry experts to keep up to date with the latest chemicals and techniques to understand the best approach to test & decontaminate properties/cars.
  • We have our own decontamination process not shared with any other decontamination companies.

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