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In addition to being a poisonous metal, lead also has negative impacts on human health and the When it comes to children, the health impacts are typically permanent and can have a lifelong influence. In the early 1980s, Australia passed regulations to limit the amount of lead in decorative paints used in homes, schools, and other places where children spend time. However, more than 100 investigations on lead paint over the previous decade reveal that lead paints are still readily available. Despite significant progress in recent years, the majority of nations across the world still lack effective, binding lead paint laws.

Whenever lead paint on walls, windows, doors, furniture, playground equipment, or other painted surfaces begins to chip or degrade, lead is transferred into the surrounding dust and soil. Kids playing indoors or outdoors collect home dust or soil on their hands, which they subsequently consume via typical hand-to-mouth activity. Soil is often carried indoors by airflow and/or on shoes and clothing. In rare situations, youngsters may pick up paint chips and insert them in their mouths. This is especially dangerous since the lead concentration of paint chips is generally significantly higher than that of dust and soils.

We've been removing lead paint from homes & commercial properties in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs for over 10 years. To ensure a job well done each and every time, highly trained and totally qualified specialists are partnered with the most sophisticated lead paint removal equipment.

Fully Trained Lead Paint Removers in Brisbane, QLD

Many Brisbane residents assume that removing lead paint is a do-it-yourself project, however, the fact is quite the contrary, and the Department of Health has frequently warned about the dangers of removing lead paint. We have fully qualified and experienced specialists at Decon Solutions Australia that can assist you in removing lead paint from your house. We provide 100% secure lead paint abatement services across Brisbane and Queensland.

Certified Lead Paint Removal in Brisbane, Queensland

All of our expert cleaners and decontamination personnel in Brisbane and its surroundings are certified to remove lead-based paint from any type of home. For all of our home and business clients, our decontamination procedure is simple and straightforward. You may order our lead abatement service right now since our pricing is simple and competitive with what other lead removal businesses are presently charging.

Lead Paint Consultation Services in Brisbane, QLD

Using trained hygienists and a team of scientists, we provide Brisbane customers with the industry-leading lead paint removal and decontamination consultation services. We provide consulting and advisory services to assist you in determining where to begin. We then collaborate with you to identify the next stages in your lead paint abatement process based on our professional recommendations. Get in touch with us at any point to learn more about our lead removal services.

We remove Lead Paint from your property in Brisbane.

Many Queenslanders utilised lead paint in their homes and properties built before 1970, and it may still be used in some modern ones. Lead is still used in the paint and surface treatments of automobiles and boats. Adults and children can inhale or swallow lead dust and chips inhaling or ingesting lead dust and chips from flaking and peeling paint or remodelling operations. Even small amounts of lead can represent a serious health risk to both the inhabitants and any contractors if the old paint coatings are disturbed by hand or power tools.

Decon Solutions Australia, Lead Paint Cleaning Services, can handle all elements of lead-based paint removal using modern equipment and techniques. We use a number of ways to remove dangerous lead paint, including vacuum (dust-free) blasting and soda blasting. Because we are constantly upgrading our machines, we are able to employ the appropriate equipment for the job.

Lead Paint Removal in Australia


When it comes to lead-based paint removal in Australia, Decon Solutions Australia offers emergency services. For lead paint removal, we can despatch the nearest specialist to your location. We provide emergency services in every state in Australia. Online or via phone, our lead abatement services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us today! We remove hazardous chemicals from commercial buildings as well as industrial facilities and hospitals. We also remove hazardous chemicals from schools, colleges and other institutions and institutions. We operate in compliance with OSHA laws and standards, as well as those of the state in which we work, by utilising cutting-edge industrial equipment. Here is the list of the top 10 suburbs of Brisbane in Queensland where our lead paint removal services are being used.

  • Lead Paint Removal in Salisbury, QLD.
  • Lead paint removal in Archerfield, QLD.
  • Lead paint removal in Yeronga, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Corinda, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Petrie Terrace, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Windsor, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in East Brisbane, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Nundah, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Breakfast Creek, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Wellington Point, QLD.
  • Lead paint Removal in Rocklea, QLD.

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