Do you require lead paint removal services in Gold Coast? Our team in Gold Coast have certified lead removal specialists and only use the latest equipment and techniques and will carry out work in all aspects of Lead paint removal. We use a variety of processes, including Soda blasting and vacuum (dust-free) blasting. We offer lead paint removal services across Gold Coast and its surrounding suburbs in Queensland.


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Decon Solutions Australia is one of the best and top-performing lead removal companies on the Gold Coast. Many old buildings here on the Gold Coast in Queensland still have lead-based paint on them. The process of thoroughly and securely removing all lead-containing paints from a business or residential structure is known as lead paint removal. Lead paint deteriorates and combines with dust and other household detritus, making it readily inhaled. This can result in lead poisoning and swear illnesses. We may arrange for sample testing or a comprehensive survey using the NAMC-approved testing firm. If the presence of lead is verified and removal is considered required, Decon Solutions Australia can do it safely.

Our certified lead paint removal technicians in Gold Coast will use proper RPE and PPE and operate in a safe containment area, much as they would when removing asbestos. There are a variety of methods for removing lead paint. We thoroughly assess each site's danger, taking into account the results from the Lead Paint study. This allows us to select the best approach for removing your Lead Paint. The lead paint will be carefully removed using well-established procedures centred on reducing risk at the source, as well as air testing to demonstrate the efficiency of the control measures put in place. Following the conclusion of the job, the area will be thoroughly inspected, and all operators will be thoroughly decontaminated.

Decon Solutions Australia has more than ten years of expertise doing fully approved lead paint treatments. Safety, ethical behaviour, and innovation are essential to our ideology. Since 2009, our competence and capacity to deliver larger, more complicated projects in Australia have gradually expanded, with our teams completing projects ranging from residential to corporate in scale.

Fully Trained Lead Paint Removers in Gold Coast, QLD

Many residents in Gold Coast and its surrounding areas believe that removing lead paint is a DIY project, In reality, the fact is quite different, and the Department of Health has frequently warned about the dangers of removing lead paint if performed by an untrained person. We have fully qualified and experienced specialists at Decon Solutions Australia that can assist you in removing lead paint from your house. We provide 100% secure lead paint abatement services across Gold Coast and its suburbs in Queensland.

Certified Lead Paint Removal in Gold Coast, Queensland

All of our professional cleaners and decontamination specialists in Gold Coast, QLD and its surrounding areas are trained to remove lead-based paint from any type of house. Our decontamination method is easy and quick for all of our residential and commercial clients. You may purchase our lead removal service right now since our price is straightforward and competitive with what other lead removal companies are currently charging.

Lead Paint Consultation Services in Gold Coast, QLD

We serve Gold Coast consumers with industry-leading lead paint removal and decontamination consultancy services by utilising professional hygienists and a team of scientists. We provide consultancy and advice services to help you decide where to start. Based on our professional suggestions, we next work with you to determine the next steps in your lead paint abatement procedure. Contact us at any time to learn more about our lead removal services.

We remove Lead Paint from your property in Gold Coast.

Many Queenslanders utilised lead paint in their homes and properties built before 1970, and it may still be used in some modern ones. Lead is still used in the paint and surface treatments of automobiles and boats. Lead-based paint can trigger learning disabilities, respiratory disorders, headaches, nausea, and fatigue, among other things. Removing lead paint yourself isn't recommended, since doing so causes micro-fine particles to be released into the air, where they can cause even more health problems. Specialists who are familiar with Gold Coast lead paint removal to know precisely what measures to take to ensure that paint is removed completely and safely so you won't have to worry about it any longer.

Decon Solutions Australia, Lead Paint Cleaning Services, can handle all elements of lead-based paint removal using modern equipment and techniques. We use a number of ways to remove dangerous lead paint, including vacuum (dust-free) blasting and soda blasting. Because we are constantly upgrading our machines, we are able to employ the appropriate equipment for the job.

Lead Paint Removal in Australia


Decon Solutions Australia provides emergency lead-based paint removal services in Australia. We can send the nearest lead paint removal professional to your region. We provide emergency services in all Australian states. Our lead abatement services are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, online or by phone. Please contact us right away! Hazardous chemicals are removed from commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and hospitals. We also remove dangerous substances from schools, universities, and other institutions. We use cutting-edge industrial equipment to operate in accordance with OSHA regulations and requirements, as well as those of the state in which we work. Here is a list of the top ten Gold Coast suburbs in Queensland where our lead paint removal services are employed.

  • Lead Paint Removal in Surfers Paradise, QLD
  • Lead paint removal in Southport, QLD
  • Lead paint removal in Broadbeach, QLD
  • Lead paint Removal in Mermaid Beach, QLD
  • Lead paint Removal in Coolangatta, QLD
  • Lead paint Removal in Helensvale, QLD
  • Lead paint Removal in Springbrook, QLD
  • Lead paint Removal in Kingsholme, QLD
  • Lead paint Removal in Oxenford, QLD
  • Lead paint Removal in Highland Park, QLD
  • Lead paint Removal in Runaway Bay, QLD

Are you looking for a Gold Coast lead paint removal service?We have the capacity to complete projects of various sizes and complexities, and we take pride in our ability to meet the different needs of our clients. We can fulfil all of your needs expertly, including lead abatement, removal, and decontamination.