Meth Cleaning & Removal Services In the
Peel Region, Western Australia

Residential Meth Decontamination Service in Australia

Residential Meth Cleaning Services in the Peel Region, WA

We provide our complete Meth residue decontamination and cleaning services for all kinds of houses and home residences in Peel. If you're renting a property or buying it you should first decontaminate it for Meth residue.

Meth Cleaning Professionals in Australia

Commercial Meth Decontamination in the Peel Region, WA

We also offer meth residue decontamination services for commercial properties in the Peel region such as Hotels, Airbnb's, Public hostels, Guesthouses, or any other property used for commercial purposes. Our team in Western Australia is ready to clean it.

Meth Cleaning Services for Cars

Meth Decontamination for Vehicles in the Peel Region, WA

If you are buying or selling vehicles in Peel, WA you should get them decontaminated by a meth residue cleaning expert. We provide professional car drug residue decontamination in Peel and its suburbs.

Peel Meth Lab Cleaning

Every year, more than 200 meth laboratories are being discovered in Western Australia, and the number is only increasing as surveys show meth usage on the increase in Western Australia and particularly in the Peel region, with a $2.5 billion a year habit. Strong odours, windows covered with foil or plastic, heaps of garbage, unusual activity in the home, and strange stains are just a few of the signs of a hidden meth lab.

Property owners are responsible to ensure the proper cleanup and testing of an illegal meth manufacturing site. Owners should be aware that building materials and furniture may absorb contaminants and, in some cases, give off fumes. Decon Solutions Australia provides number one meth cleaning and decontamination services in Peel and its surrounding areas. Recently a landlord in the Mandurah was forced to pay thousands of dollars for decontamination as his house was used for smoking meth by the previous tenants. Decon Solutions provides a comprehensive cleaning package in Peel so that each and every area of Meth contaminated property would be cleaned and decontaminated. After we clean the property for any meth contamination a report from an independent and NAMC approved testing agency would be issued to you that the property is available for renting again.

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Your Local Peel Region Meth Residue Decontamination Service Providers

If you're suspected that your property in Peel is used for smoking or making Meth we strongly recommend the hiring of qualified cleanup contractors to conduct cleanup and decontamination of the property. Decon Solutions provides very affordable meth cleaning services in the Peel region. We are located in Mandurah and can offer our decontamination services in any area or surrounding the Peel region. Our team in your local Peel region is available 24/7 and can also offer emergency meth cleaning services. These are the top areas in the Peel region where our Meth cleaning services are being used.

  • Meth Decontamination in Mandurah
  • Meth Decontamination in Boddington
  • Meth Decontamination in Murray
  • Meth Decontamination in Serpentine-Jarrahdale
  • Meth Decontamination in Waroona
  • Meth Decontamination in Dudley Park
  • Meth Decontamination in Erskine
  • Meth Decontamination in Halls Head
  • Meth Decontamination in Yunderup
  • Meth Decontamination in Karnup

Do you need a meth remediation expert in Peel?

We provide meth decontamination services in the Peel region with guaranteed results and quickly certifies meth-affected properties for reoccupation.

Removal of Meth Contamination

Department of Health WA guidance on proper remediation of contamination from methylamphetamine or other illicit drugs can be found at this link.

Current reporting
Most meth contamination situations involve a complaint regarding use, where home owners/ property managers / agents suspect meth use, rather than a formal WA Police Force notification of a detected clandestine laboratory. Our current (and future) remediation guidance allows for simpler and less expensive remediation procedures for a smoke house, while still being protective of the public. Soon, a research report will be added to the main landing page, regarding the levels of residues associated with low-level exposure. This is the emphasis for consolidation of guidance documents.