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Asbestos Removal, Meth Cleaning & Forensic Cleaning Services across Australia

Decon Solutions Australia is one of the largest decontamination services providers in Australia

Decon Solutions Australia is NAMC verified decontamination company that provides cleaning and decontamination services. We provide expert advice and a professional approach with guaranteed results – giving confidence and saving time and money. We offer our services across Australia

Meth Cleaning and Decontamination Services
Following a positive result from a meth residue test or a meth screen report, you will need to consider a specialist meth decontamination company to remove and rebuild the contaminated areas of your home. Decon Solutions Australia are specialist meth decontaminators and meth house remediators offering meth lab residue cleaning and are capable of restoring your property safely and professionally. We are qualified to offer both meth clean-up and decontamination and asbestos cleaning, investigation, and clearance certification services. Our certified and highly experienced team work hard to deliver unrivalled service. We are also offering 24/7 support for emergencies. Decon Solutions Australia does not provide testing services and only uses NAMC verified independent testing/screening companies to test properties or vehicles for contamination. Read More about Meth Cleaning Services here
Biohazard Cleanup Specialists & Forensic Cleaning
We also provide Forensic Cleaning & Biohazard Cleaning throughout Australia. Decon Solutions Australia is the most trusted response team for biohazard removal and crime scene cleanup. Whether you need assistance with a homicide scene, a hoarder situation, or an auto accident, all of our technicians undergo sensitivity training and are briefed on each case to provide for all of your needs. We’ve served Australian businesses, institutions, and private households in need of our trauma scene cleaning expertise and built a reputation on high standards, OSHA compliance, customer care, and professional discretion. Read More About Forensic Cleaning Services

Decon Solutions Take Care of Asbestos Removal
If you have discovered that you live in or own a property with asbestos in the building, you have two main options to help you move forward. Most asbestos-contaminated properties will require removal and remediation work to be performed. Decon Solutions Australia does not endorse trying to attempt this yourself. You risk exposing yourself to the harmful asbestos dust. The quickest and least costly option is to contact Decon Solutions Australia ASAP to bring your property back to an inhabitable state. Read More About Asbestos Removal in Australia.

If you’re looking to get any of the above-mentioned services or a property manager looking to speak feel free to call us at 1300 707 028