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Fully Trained Professionals

Our staff in Australia is professionally trained in the assessment and control of chemical hazards which can play a significant role in ensuring that working conditions are safe during the remediation process.

Certified Meth Cleaning Services

Decon Solution Australia is a certified meth decontaminators, which help to ensure remediation processes are adequately conducted. All our technicians have over a decade of field experience.

Meth Decontamination Strategy

During the process we consult certified
industrial hygienist to establish a general meth lab cleanup strategy. Other potential resources that may be consulted include environmental health specialists to make sure that the job is performed well

Methamphetamine Laboratory Cleanup Services Australia

The production and use of methamphetamine (meth) across Australia continues to pose considerable challenges to our nation. Meth is easy to make, is highly addictive and its production and use can have serious impacts on both human health and the environment. 

Decon Solutions Australia provides the labour and equipment, and technical security experience to make sure all meth decontamination tasks are performed properly. Our objective is to take out the trace elements of a meth lab to ensure the prospective testing indicates that your residence remains still safe. When we appraise a meth laboratory for decontamination, then we will need to ensure each room effected is analysed and the suitable surface areas are washed. At the end of almost any decontamination job our client gets a comprehensive report documenting all of completed tasks.

Meth Cleaning Services Australia


Decon Solutions Australia's technicians are highly qualified, seasoned professionals, enabling us to provide the skills and experience necessary to perform superior Meth lab decontamination services. Our technicians have conducted numerous illegal drug lab assessments and remediation projects for private residences, commercial businesses and federal state and local government agencies across Australia. We provide meth cleaning services in these regions of Australia. Meth clean services are offered across Australia.

  • Meth Decontamination in New South Wales.
  • Meth Decontamination in Victoria.
  • Meth Decontamination in Queensland.
  • Meth Decontamination in Western Australia.
  • Meth Decontamination in South Australia.
  • Meth Decontamination in Tasmania.

Do you need meth remediation experts?We provide meth decontamination services in Australia with guaranteed results and quickly certifies meth effected properties for reoccupation.