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Meth Decontamination Tip – 29 Jan 2020

Rubbish – The 2019 Australian Voluntary Code of Practice (Attachment B) states: for materials (including building products, white good, electrical items and furnishings) known to be contaminated with methamphetamine and precursor residues, there are no guidelines available in Australia or New Zealand to classify these types of waste materials. The Australian Guidelines (AG & ACC 2011) only indicate these materials need to be disposed to an appropriate waste facility.

Where methamphetamine residues are present on household items that cannot be remediated, and require disposal, it is important that these items are rendered unserviceable so they cannot be reused or recycled in any way

Interpretation – If items cannot be remediated, they must go to land fill and cannot be recycled.

Key Messages

  1. It is important to engage professional meth decontamination services for rubbish removal. All too often we find sharps such as, needles and knives, that and pose a serious health risk to anyone on the site. These items are often hidden in piles of clothes, under couches, or simply thrown out into the yard. If you engage rubbish removalists who are not professional meth decontaminators, they must be warned of the risk and you must ensure that they are experienced and equipped to handle such risks. If not fully informed, you most likely will own the liability if anyone is injured or infected.
  2. Handling items inside a room that laboratory testing declares is over the safe limit is also exposing that person to meth contamination. They must be informed, experienced, and equipped to handle such items.
  3. All items in a room that laboratory testing has declared is over the safe limit is a contaminated item.
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