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Meth Decontamination Tip – July 2020

Meth Testing – Instant Kits – Cheap and Accurate.

Instant Kits

Instant tests have become the cheapest way to find out if a property has a meth contamination problem. As a fast and effective first step, instant kits have really found their place in the process of meth detection and decontamination.

Where to Test

Where to test is also critically important to successful detection. Australia leading expert on meth residue, Dr Jackie Wright of Flinders University, who wrote the 2019 Code of Practice and also Co-Wrote the 2011 Federal Guidelines for Clandestine Drug Lab Remediation, clearly explains areas where higher concentrations of residue are likely to be found. Dr Wright suggests that tests should be conducted around window frames, door frames, stained or varnished timber. Taking samples from the middle of a wall can indicate much lower levels than are present.

I would advise getting some expert advice from a reputable testing company, such as Meth Detect or Property Residue Testing. Both companies follow the Code of Practice, have national coverage, offer free expert advice, and supply well priced, highly accurate test kits. Approximately $15 will get you started.

Why Decontamination Companies Should NEVER TEST.

If a decontamination company is offering testing as an additional service, this should ring all of your alarm bells. The conflict of interest here is extremely high. To explain. After a property is decontaminated, an independent testing company is engaged to retest the property to ensure that all meth residue has been cleaned and the property is safe for habitation. If some areas return results higher then safe levels, a good decontamination companies will return to the property to decontaminate those areas a second time. This should be part of the service and offered free of charge. If the decontaminator is also testing the property, they are very inspired to have the property come back under safe levels and not have to return to the property. It is a bit like asking a motorist to self-test for blood alcohol levels. No way that is going to work. Furthermore, the Code of Practice highlights this as an ethical issue: 
“… undertaking work which creates a real or perceived conflict of interest, specifically individuals and companies conducting testing to determine contamination or validate a property should not be involved with remediation (including having financial interests in such”. (Pages, 7-8) 
Therefore, steer clear of decontamination companies offering testing services of any kind, and vice versa.

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If you are looking for instant test kits and advice on testing procedures etc. I suggest you should check the authorized NAMC testing members here

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